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Does acupuncture work?

Yes, it does. It is part of a system of medicine dating back thousands of years.

What does acupuncture treat?

Most any non-emergency condition. In the US it is used primarily for pain, stress, fatigue, and
digestive disorders, as well as women’s and men’s health.

How does acupuncture work?

While we generally think that our brains are isolated from the rest of our bodies, this is not
true. We have sensory and motor nerves that reach every part of us. Our nerves send
information to our brains on a continuous loop. We can use acupuncture to send information to
our brain, and that information can be used to reduce pain and inflammation, and increase
blood flow. We can also work to calm an over-excited nervous system, which reduces pain and
inflammation, and increases circulation to different part of our bodies.
Modulation of the nervous system is the most powerful way to create lasting change and
healing in our bodies.

Does acupuncture hurt?

Generally, no. We use tiny filiform (solid, not hollow), single use, disposable, surgical steel
acupuncture needles. The filiform needle is only one of nine different kinds of needles we can
employ. The rest of those needles are not sharp, and do not penetrate the skin.

Will acupuncture help my pain?

Most likely it will! We have helped thousands of people recover from acute and chronic pain since

How long will it take before I feel better?

That depends on a host of factors, but in our experience, you will feel better after your first
treatment, but it won’t last. You will probably need a series of treatments to resolve your issue,
and we will determine your treatment plan together. Generally we see results in 5-10 treatments.
Each treatment builds on the last. Your treatment plan will likely involve more than acupuncture
only. We will work together to craft a plan that is best suited to your needs and goals.

Do you take Insurance?

We do not. The reason for this is so that we can freely negotiate with you a fee structure for your
treatment plan that is sustainable.
We can supply you with a receipt called a “super bill” which you can submit to your insurance for

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